Triviosity Help Centre


There's not much help to be had. Here's a pretty light weight FAQ.

If you have a question please contact us!

How does the scoring work?

Scoring is fairly simple. When you get a question the clock starts at 30 seconds. You can score a maximum of 2000 points per question. That total starts going down at 25 seconds.

Can I write questions?

Yes! If you'd like to submit just one or two, you can use this online form. If you'd like to write a bunch of random questions, feel free to create a nice and tidy spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet should have the following seven (7) columns:
Question, Answer, Wrong1, Wrong2, Wrong3, ExtraInfo, Category

Once you have a generous amount of questions you can contact us and we'll let you know where to send the file.

Can I write a special challenge?

Yes! Follow the same procedure as above (for a bunch of random questions) but keep in mind special challenge questions need to be tightly related by a single theme. We like themes based on special events, holidays, and other world-wide phenomena. Keep the number of questions limited to 10 to 20.