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If you would like to contribute to Triviosity by means of writing questions, you can!

For general purpose questions you can use the online form and do them one at a time. You must be logged in to use this feature. All questions that get submitted through this will be verified and approved before being available in the game.

If you would like to write a special challenge for Triviosity! you can do so by creating a spreadsheet (excel, open office, neo office or libre office accepted) with the following seven column headers:

Question, Answer, Wrong1, Wrong2, Wrong3, ExtraInfo, Category

Include a minimum of 10 questions to a maximum of 20 questions. Also include an introductory paragraph for the beginning of the game.  ExtraInfo is used at the end of a question to explain something awesome about the question.  Category is used to identify the special challenge that the questions belong to.  You can include many special challenges in one file if you’d like – just make sure the category is set for each challenge.

If you have any concerns, drop a comment here.

A special thanks goes out to Francely C., Rhonda G., Fiona H., Fraser P., Paul H. and Amar M., for previously submitting questions!

Happy Triviosity!

  • Amar M

    I <3 Triviosity