Time Travel Challenge and a Few Minor Updates

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Take a trip back to the 1950s with this week’s special challenge.

And when you come back, you may want to be informed of a couple of changes to the way we handle Facebook Logins as well as minor policy changes.

We no longer require a) your email address and b) posting-to-wall privileges. We feel that the only information we require to get you up and running is the basic information provided by Facebook. Since we don’t email anybody without consent, we feel it’s unnecessary to have your email address right away. You can always set your email address manually in the settings page as well as opt-in to select email features. Posting to Wall privileges will be asked for if necessary when you decide to enable the automatic posting feature, again, on your settings page.

This change to the way we handle Facebook logins will also be reflected (soon) in the normal registration process. We will be removing the requirement for first/last name and making the email address an optional component to registering. We hope this will allow for skeptical users to sign-up without fear of being added to an evil spammer mailing list.

We hope these changes will make you and new users alike feel more comfortable using the ever growing game of Triviosity!

Thanks for reading, now play on!